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40 years of



What I hope to accomplish during my term in office

One of the hallmarks of the most recent Kiwanis International presidencies has been a very deliberate sense of fostering continuity, and a spirit of cooperation and conviviality among the officers and trustees. I would wish to continue in that vein. Setting meaningful, agreed-upon goals based upon what is best for our members and clubs is essential to the success and growth of Kiwanis


Specific goals would be continuing to work toward improved public awareness of Kiwanis worldwide, development and deployment of effective membership growth and communications tools down to the club level,  further strengthening of our finances, and making sure that all our actions take into account the specific needs of our members and clubs. There should be no “disconnect” between the organizational levels of Kiwanis.

Strengths I bring to International Vice President

I have very strong verbal and written communications skills and well-developed analytical skills. As a former information technology professional, I have remained current on today’s computer and communications technologies and their application.


I have many years of management and team-building experience. My decades of Kiwanis experience has allowed to hone and refine my skill-set for a volunteer environment, and my interactions with Kiwanis clubs and district in and out of the United States has made me more able to appreciate the different approached to Kiwanis service in different regional and cultures. Above all, I believe my desire to continue to serve Kiwanis and its members is my greatest strength.


My Track Record on Growth

Outside my own district, I have been an active and eager participant in club opening events in Illinois, Michigan, and New Jersey. At home. I personally opened the Northampton Kiwanis Club in Massachusetts in 2018, for which I serve as Charter Secretary, and which was the #1 club in the New England and Bermuda District in 2019-2020 for percentage growth at 56.3 percent.


I also assisted with a club opening event in New Hampshire, and continue to work as a member of New England and Bermuda’s membership team to plan club opening and membership growth events for the coming year.